The Beginners Guide To Email Marketing

Things to remember from the video :

Keep it simple – Follow the video and do everything along with him. He literally creates the list right in front of you. Don’t confuse anything, just follow along.

Setting Up The Follow Up – He used personalization which may benefit you if you use the name in your optin box. Otherwise you can use other personalization like area.

Import and Export – Don’t worry too much about the import or export if you don’t have any experience with email marketing. Just get the basics and K.I.S.S.

That’s all it takes to get up and running with email so just go and get your free trial for 1 dollar and get started today.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

This has to be one of the most common questions I get on this site. Affiliate marketing has been around for much longer than most people think. Affiliate marketing is when you scratch my back, and I scratch yours kind of thing.

If you’re a product owner and you want to make sales then you may want to link up with affiliates. Affiliates know how to drive targeted traffic and customers to your product – people that will buy your product. But, why would anyone promote your product for no reason? They wouldn’t, and that’s where affiliate marketing comes into play.

The affiliate will get paid a commission when he makes a sale of the product creators system or even their service. This is not just for digital products, though.clickbank

When you’re moving from an apartment you may get a referral from a friend to move into their complex. Well, these apartments will actually pay you if you send them a lead that moves in.. $100 to $250 is not an outlandish referral payment for something like this, and that’s the foundation of affiliate marketing.

Mostly anyone can be an affiliate and make money online (or offline as mentioned) by making small or large commissions on other peoples products. There are a ton of networks but the most well known network that’s easy to get into and pay on time, every time is They have paid out literally billions to affiliates with not one missed payment in over 15 years so that’s a reputation.

The truth is that making money will require some traffic, obviously. If nobody sees what the heck it is you’re offering, or better yet, clicks your links, then you can’t make money. As long as you can drive some targeted traffic you can make money with affiliate marketing. One great way to do this is with a site like Club Red.

Plus, when you have a site like Club Red you can grab the visitors on your email list so you can market to them in the future.

How About a Free Email Marketing Course?

Short and simple post because everything is covered on their website mentioned just below.

I did a post on my top 2 recommended email courses where I revealed the paid courses that can help people start building an email list with the paid route. But as usual, the internet is a huge place and there are tons of free resources offering email marketing training.

Here’s a cool resource on email marketing that’s offering 30 days of email marketing. It’s a friend of mine who put the whole thing together and I can say the information contained in the course is free, and it’s helpful.

You can sign up for free at the site and you’ll start receiving information right into your email inbox. What an idea, huh? You’re going to learn how to think and work like a marketer with training like email types to send and what analytics to really track.


You may not get as much information from the free training as you would from a paid course but you can get everything for free online so I wouldn’t be surprise if you could get your hands on something more advanced as well. But, I thought I would share the free content and help out my friend to get some traffic to his site.

The website will tell you everything you need to know about the training so head on over and if you have any questions don’t be afraid to sign up. Nobody is going to spam your email because you’re dealing with email marketers that actually know and understand the business. I hope this short little posts gets you to take some action and start building your own email list.

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The Fastest Steps To Building a Responsive Email List

1. Get a Email Platform – I already brought this up in a previous post. There are a couple choices and you can discover the differences in that post there.

2. Create Your Main List – This is simple. Just go into your autoreposnder and create a list by choosing a name and other basic settings like confirmed or not confirmed optin.

3. Create Your First Email Autoreponder – This is just an email and you can set this up in your emails ‘messages’ section. Set it to go out instantly, and as a follow up.. Not a broadcast.

4. Create an Opt-in Form – Another simple step. Just go into the ‘forms’ section of your autresponder and create a form. You will need to offer something in trade for visitors emails.

5. Setup Your First Broadcast – You need to send out broadcasts at least once a week. Some should be helpful content, others can be affiliate offers.

It really is a 5 step process and these are the only things you need to do to get your list off the ground. A lot of marketers think they need to worry about the intricate details of things like conversions, and split tests, and on and on but the truth is any start is better than no start at all. Isn’t that right?

I think the main reason people fail it in marketing is because they don’t do what they need to, whatever that may be.  most the time these marketers should be focusing on the course if there’s going to pull through with but the truth is they don’t and they end up with “shiny object” syndrome.

This is a VERY Serious Matter..

When a person gets signed shiny object syndrome can be a very serious time that will force them down a profitless spiral of endless time wasting. You may byproduct one day and attempt to see with it and when you don’t make money within a week you move onto the next product and some on.

DO NOT fall into the pit..

Figure out what is is you want to do whether it’s going to be local marketing online marketing email marketing or whatever it is, and STICK to it. The truth is the secret email marketing is revealed to you just above in that five-step video pasted on my site. I hope you enjoy because you don’t need much more than that.

Continue building your list, your follow sequence with helpful content and high converting products, and send out broadcasts as well. Rinse and repeat, and make money with email marketing.

The Top Email Marketing Courses On The Internet

There are 1 million different email marketing courses on the market and it can be difficult to choose the one that will work best for you. You see, I understand marketing and how email really works to convert customers into buyers but many (most) business owners just don’t.

So, over the years I have thought about putting together my own email marketing course so that I could train the small business owners that I consult with without charging them thousands of dollars to do that. After years of thinking about creating my own course I decided that I would just offer the most comprehensive training that’s already on the market.

email-planI wanted to compile my two best email marketing systems here on my site. Now, depending on what you’re after will determine what kind of system you should invest in. Obviously, how much you spend on the course will vary with each system but it shouldn’t be anymore than a couple hundred at most.

You may want to look for courses selling through alternate networks like Jvzoo as they offer extremely high quality products that would be thousands elsewhere for a couple bucks. Although, there will be a few upsells that wont be required but that could mean more money that the initial investment on the front end.

A good friend of mine has just put together a review of Email Instruments which is a new email marketing course but it’s created by a guy whose been making money online for years with email. keep in mind, this is a lower priced front end product which means there will be upsells that will cost extra as mentioned above, but you do not have to purchase them.

The only reason Email Instruments made the list is because of who created the system (Ritoban), what you get in the package, and the front end price.

If you want to go with a more reputable name then you may want to go with the Lynda brand of email marketing. Lynda is great at creating products and Brad Batesole does a pretty decent job in this series on digital marketing. Although, the training could use a bit more on advanced email marketing techniques and less on alternative traffic sources in my opinion.

If you watch the video Brad will discuss exactly what’s covered in the course and you can get a feel for what’s coming. The truth is there is a ton on social marketing but it is a great place to build a solid foundation in email marketing. Plus, if you don’t like the training you get a free trial so you don’t have to worry about getting charged anything ridiculous. Pretty cool, right?

I’d have to say those are the fastest ways to get involved in email marketing and build a real foundation around stuff that’s working right now. The first gives a ton more “hard” value as far as tools and Lynda gives a solid foundation in digital marketing and email. Both will take a new level emailer to another level as long as the training is followed.

Do’s and Dont’s of Email Marketing by Google?

So I had no idea that Google was an email marketing game but I guess it all makes sense, especially with so many of their clients (small business owners, etc) need to understand how important email is for their business. Enter, Google.


This was a pretty helpful little video, especially the breakdown of SendGrid because I literally had no idea about this company. Did you hear the tips suggested by the email marketing expert from SendGrid?

She even tells you that you need to be doing “an opt in or a double opt in,” which means for you new level marketers that you need to be building your list. Do you decide to do the confirmed often or not doesn’t really matter because I’ve seen successful marketers that do not double often and they still do well online. Personally, I do whatever I think best for the specific situation.\

Another important factor is the Image imagery that you mentioned. If you’ll send an email with pictures song people may not be able to open the email which will lower your open rates and obviously conversions. This was mentioned around minute 9. Like she said, not just images, and not just text- Have a nice spread.

If you need to email marketing I deathly suggest that you listen to the entire video because there is a ton of information inside the 25 minutes or so.

How To Choose The Best Email Marketing Software

Jason what email software you’re going to use for the rest of your email marketing career is a big decision and you want to choose wisely. Just because you pick one email marketing software right now doesn’t mean that you have to use it for the rest of your career but he will want to use it for at least the next couple months as you build your email list.

In this article I’m going to breakdown exactly what you need to know to choose the best email marketing software for you and your position. The truth is that you’re going to need some sort of email marketing software to capture your visitors roster going to lose out on huge money making method for your website and online business.emailmarketing-basics

Want To Go Free Or What?

The first decision you have to make his if you want to choose a free email marketing software or go to the paid route which will cost your monthly fee. The truth is that the only reason you would want to go free is if you are on an extremely limited budget because these free services will eventually force you into a corner when you have larger lists.

, It’s pretty obvious that in life you get what you pay for so when you go for a free service you’re probably going to get less than quality email marketing services. I was suggest that people use top rated companies like Aweber which is my email marketing service of choice for a number of reasons. Top of low quality service you also only be able to send messages to limited number of your subscribers at one time. From anyone that series on making money with email marketing a free service is going to keep you from making those 4 and 5 figure monthly commissions.

A Few Things To Look For..

You’ll want to keep in mind that there are different features with different companies and many of them are pretty important to your success with email marketing. For example, being able to personalize your emails with peoples names and areas is really helpful and can increase conversions extremely well.

Another feature that you may want to look for his HTML and other design aspects such as drag-and-drop editors. These can make it extremely easy to put together an awesome email that converts them into cliques and sales for your online business.

Finally, You will definitely want to have a company that offers 24 seven support so that you can get your questions answered anytime that you have something come up. There a better number of times I needed to contact support just with basic questions or technical issues while working in the system.

Making money with email marketing is not difficult as long as you continue to build your list and increase conversions and sales. Will be really difficult if you don’t have an email marketing service so use the tips in this funeral home marketing breakdown to get your business live and start sending some clicks.